Summer SOMOS Fun Club

Here are links etc. for ALL the 2019 Fun Club episodes!

Summer SOMOS Fun Club! Watch the ones that you missed! Watch them again! Use them as a podcast! Be supported!

PD Form (You will get a certificate, it is up to your district to award hours!)

Mindset - If you only have time to watch one...make it this one!

Unit Overview  week 2 - what to expect from SOMOS (And Nous Sommes)

Assessment resources:

Handouts and videos:

Not Storyasking (week 6)

Links: Plan B (tell the story)
Draw along from Sra. Chase
Kahoot without tech: kahootnotech
And look in the comments for all the links we posted!

Interactive-ish Notebooks
(must be part of the SOMOS Curriculum Collaboration group on Facebook. Please join us!)
Link to handouts and video:

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