Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sub plans...ugh.

Sub plans really challenge me.  I mean...they REALLY challenge me.  I was a sub for 3 years and suffered many, many poor plans, challenging classrooms, and humiliating days.  So I am super picky about sub plans, and you know what?  It NEVER works out.

Sub plans in the foreign language classroom are even more challenging.    On a recent SOMOS Curriculum Collaboration facebook group post (wow, what a title!), someone was wondering about sub plans, and it got me thinking.

Read and Illustrate 
A plan that I really, really love (but only works when you have a few familiar stories under your belt- so better for the end of the year) is the "read and illustrate" plan.  I wish I knew how I came up with it or who to credit.
1) Copy each typed story and post on the walls.  For multiple levels, I print the stories in different colors so students know to only read their class color.
2) Students "read the room" and fill out a short sheet with space for an illustration and caption for 4 (or 6) of their favorite stories.

3)  Then, they get into groups and illustrate the stories on 4" x 4" computer paper.  
When I return, I can either make books using this storybook template  or just select the best pictures and glue them and the original story on 11 x 17 paper, folded in half, and add them to our library.

Here are the directions I leave for the sub:  Sub Plan: Read and illustrate the room 
Here is a I leave for the sub to project for the students: Example instructions for Read and Illustrate the room
Finally, here is the sheet I have them fill out when they read the room: Student Response Sheet: Read the Room

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