Wednesday, May 24, 2017

When it is worth it

This year has been challenging for so many reasons.  I came home in tears often, usually just because of sheer exhaustion.  This is hard, hard work.

But then something like this happens, and it is all worth it.

In a final free write for one of my 8th grade classes, a student who was new to Spanish last year, who thought she would never learn another language wrote this: (Note- I edited out another student's last name!)

In short, it is a story about our first TPRS class story last year.  She goes on to describe how we have lots of crazy stories, and how sad  she is that she will not have Spanish next year in her new school.  Then, she talks about how she is going to Mexico and how her dream is now possible, she speaks Spanish and she loves Spanish.  She also mentions that "Señora C es una professor muy incréible."  (With some spelling errors!)

As I am grading this in my prep period today, I started crying.  Seriously!  This is why I do it- to give confidence and strength to all kids, to help them love the language and feel great about speaking it.

TPRS teachers have a high tolerance for errors, so if you come across this writing, judge it for the fantastic essay on why she loves this class, not for her errors (because hey, we all make errors) or what she doesn't know.

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  1. Hello- I was curious, Is there a reason your quick write is formatted this way with words written in rows & columns? Thanks!