Thursday, July 20, 2017

More activities for stories...especially for Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro

My Spanish 1B class of 8th graders is really enjoying Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro.  Here are some more activities (click here for chapters 1-4) for pre, during, and post reading that I have adapted or created.  As I mentioned before, I do not want to violate copyright so some of these activities I can not share, but if you own the teacher's guide, you could make them too!

Chapter 5
Still of mano hace...
Review hace: I wanted to get reps in of hace because it is new for my kids.  I found this incredible video and word cloud of animals in Spanish.  I did a short Movietalk without really pausing the movie.  The script goes:  "La mano hace ....[animal name].  ¿QuĂ© hace la mano? (You know, for variety.)  Kids had to cross off the word on the word cloud when they heard me say (or saw) the animal name.  Not fancy, but engaging.

 Now What: I created a quick, disposable version of this game using about 8 sentences from Chapter 5.  As I read it out loud, students had to find the most logical ending of the sentence.  I quickly went around the room and checked if the kids were right- we didn't do a choral response just because, well, I wasn't feeling it.  But next time I do the activity, I probably will.  I asked the kids if they liked it- they really did.  It seemed a little unexciting to me, but they really enjoyed it.  Note: I read the story to them and they did not read along with me for this, just had the now what cards in front of them.  I could also see doing this as a paired activity where they face off and can see each other's guess and compete.

Audio Book: I also had students listen to the audio book and read along.  This chapter lends itself very well to audio narration because there both the dog and the boy make dog noises, and it's both funny and engaging.  Students LOVED this too.

Youtube Videos: Finally, we had a few extra minutes in class so we watched this awesome video of a doggie surfing competition.  Because we can.

Chapter 6- the teacher's guide has great activities and supplemental readings for this chapter.

Check-in writing assessment:  I added a writing assessment that is super easy for the kids after we go over different dog breeds slide show.  They can take guided notes.  (This is based off the resource included in the teacher's guide.)
Click on the link above to see my guided notes for this activity. 

The writing assessment is simply to: Pick two dogs breeds.  Write a short paragraph about each dog.  Be sure to include the following:

·      Description of dog  (You may use your dog breeds page)
·      Is it a good fit for Brandon?  Why or why not?

Story-ask to review vocabulary:  Here is a brief outline of the story.  It includes examples of how I start to include the subjunctive into stories.

Read the Room Predictions:  I also asked kids to write predictions (on the form in the teacher's guide) then used the copy machine to increase the size of the seven or eight most funny, interesting, or weird predictions that were also mostly correct.  (Some I corrected to get that good input.)  As a starter the next day, I put them around the room and students voted for the funniest, most likely to happen, and most creative.  They voted by using little award cut-outs that I have, but you could just have them sign their names or put a star on the one they wanted to vote for!

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