Thursday, October 26, 2017

Soy Yo as a celebration of diversity (and also a sub plan)

Background: (Feel free to scroll down to the actual plan!)

I had the opportunity to sub for a colleague who was going on a weeklong camping trip with the entire 7th grade.  The plan was that I was going to teach her 6th grade Spanish class.  In order to minimize what she needed to do, I also offered to write my own lesson plans for the week because I wanted to try out some of the great lesson plans I have seen others posting and have had kicking around in the back of my head.  Also, I have developed an obsession with Bomba Estereo and wanted to teach Soy Yo.  Since one day of the week would be taught by a non-Spanish speaking sub, I had to write out plans for that, but for rest of the week I was going to wing it. I mean, I had a loose plan.  But it was very vague.

I spent a week in Moab!  
Well, I did not get a chance to teach it.  Instead, due to a family emergency for another teacher, I also went camping in Moab. For a week. And it was awesome!

So we had a sub for a sub, and no lesson plans.  I threw together a plan in between packing knowing that the sub's sub spoke Spanish.

The feedback I got when I returned was that it was an awesome 3-day plan. (Oops- I hoped it would be four days. Oh well.)  She strongly recommended that I teach it in my other classes and had nothing but good things to say.

So, I will teach it to my others (probably my 8th graders, with some modifications), but I thought that I would share it with the world as I am pretty proud of it.  Scroll down for credits, as I borrowed and adapted lots of great resources from other people.

This activity was adapted from Elevate Education Consulting
Activity handout: Soy Yo                        
Please note: these are view only files. To edit, please make a copy.

1) Circle of care
Awesome activity borrowed from Anna and Rachelle!

Show first slide and demo circles.
Students WRITE NAMES ON PAPER, draw circles of care.
Lead discussion.  -who is in your circle?  (Can do in small groups too- whatever feels right.)

2) Qualities of people we admire.
Show slide two.  Students can write or think. 
Lead brief discussion. 

3) List of qualities (that have easy Spanish cognates!) in our circle of care
Show side 3
Students will add the qualities they admire to the people in their circles of care. 
They can add qualities that are positive that are not included on the slide. 

4) Share with partners or groups of three. 
"The qualities that I admire..."
Then maybe whole group share. 

5) Independent work
Pass out activity.  Students fill in - there are key structures at the top, and word lists at the bottom.  Help them to understand every word.

6) Soy Yo activity. (movement)

  Show slide 4 -
Explain directions- it is about moving if the statement applies to them, not just standing up if it applies to them.

Read the statements in Spanish.  Translate if they are confused.  (Translation is better than charades.)

7) If time, have them turn the activity over and follow instructions. (Slide 5)

DAY 2 Clip Chat / Modified MovieTalk
(This is not part of the sub plan unless your sub has experience doing ClipChats/Modified Movietalks)

Soy yo embedded reading adapted from Sr. Jordan (USE AS SCRIPT for clip chat / modified movie talk)    
 Soy yo song lyrics  

Please follow the directions on this slide to access Sr. Jordan's materials and read his blog post!   

1. Establish meaning: make sure students understand these words: 
se va- leaves
piensa -thinks 
les debo enseñar mi talento- I should show them my talent
toca- plays

2. Narrate: Either use screenshots or the video, and narrate what is happening in the video. Ask lots of questions and make sure students understand what is going on. Use either version of the Embedded Reading for a script or modify for your students. Remember- you want students to understand the words that you are using, not guess! 

3. The carrot: Be sure and let them watch the whole video a couple of times through!

4. Still have more time? If you have extra time, you can pass out the song lyrics and watch the video or just listen to the song.

DAY 3 
Materials     Soy yo embedded reading

Read the embedded reading- read version 1 together, then version 2.

Reading activity options:
  • You could do a volleyball translation (one kid reads the spanish, the other translates to english then reads the next one in Spanish, then the other translates. They are familiar with it.)  Or, go straight to version 2. 
  • With whiteboards or blank paper, each kid picks a moment from the reading and draws it (but no words).  Put the drawings around the room and in pairs, kids wander and use the reading to decide which sentence from the reading best describes the picture.  Play the video.  Stop at key moments and have kids in pairs decide what sentence best describes the action.  
¿De dónde eres...?  
Write soy de - I am from and soy- I am on the board, and eres- you are, eres de- you are from on the board
Read some of the the De donde es…slideshow together.   The focus is on nationality and where people are from,  and work in adjectives from day 1 in your discussion.  Ask lots of personalized questions! 

Day 4- Writing
Updated Jan 2022: I would choose not to do his part of the activity with my stronger understanding of comprehension based teaching.  However, I might use this as a sub plan! 
Materials- Soy yo activities and slideshow from day 1 

I was thinking that the first line is Soy yo, then three lines, then last line is soy yo.

Soy YoSoy yo.
Soy interesante y creativa
soy de Colorado
Soy una maestra.
Soy Yo.

They can illustrate them and make them pretty them on blank paper.

Other ideasLyrics training- lyrics training?
Read about the special flute Saraí uses in the video-
A video of the band singing the song for NPR live-

CREDITS: I have taken a variety of free resources and adapted them for my needs.  I have asked permission for use and re-posting if the resources were not freely posted in public forums.  Copyright is important! 

  • Lyrics to song- posted by Donna Graham Rubio (found in the files of the IFLT/NTPRS/CI Facebook group)
  • Original embedded reading-  created and posted by Jeremy Jordan. (Here are all his great resources including the original)
  • Soy yo screenshots for Movietalk- also by Jeremy Jordan
  • Diversity-positive attributes and circles of care activity by Rachelle Adams  (Elevate Education Consulting) and Anna Gilcher, PhD.
  • Original Soy Yo activity that I modified, by Leslie Van How Phillips (found in the files of the IFLT/NTPRS/CI Facebook group)
  • ¿De dónde eres?... slides posted by Sara Shreiner (found in the files of the IFLT/NTPRS/CI Facebook group)
  • Soy Yo movement activity, adapted from Alina Filipescu 


  1. Hola - this is fantastic. I'm excited to use some of it- Soy yo is one of my favorites, too. Quick question: You refer to the slideshow a few times, but I can only find links to the movie talk slides. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Thank you for catching that! The links were incorrect, but I have updated them now. I appreciate the second pair of eyes! Please let me know if you have other questions.

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  3. Hi, the plan for day one mentions saying statements (slide 4) and then the students movement if the statement is true for them. But where are he statements? Please advise.

  4. Good morning! You make up statements based on what your students wrote, and the vocabulary. Such as "Soy tranquila." "Soy paciente." "Soy amable."