Saturday, September 14, 2019

Storyasking! Videos!

Here are some videos of StoryAsking (part 1 and 2). This is Camina y Corre, SOMOS 1, Unit 2.  I am working on videos of PQA and our collaborative mural, but one thing at a time!

For more resources about story asking, including what it is, how to do it, and tips to make it go smoothly,  take a look at this episode of SOMOS Summer Fun Club and these resources.    

I *did not* take the time to subtitle these in English, sorry folks.  I just would not have the time to do this until...summer, and then I would forget.  Please accept my apologies to folks who are not Spanish speakers, and take a look at some of my other videos for subtitled versions.

IMPORTANT:  These students are NOT novice level students. They have had one solid year of comprehension based teaching with a focus on communicative embedded input.  (They are CI taught.)  This group is Spanish 1 Honors, and were assessed at the end of last year to go into standard or honors tracks.  I don't yet have too many videos of me teaching novices because my only novice class is fifth grade, and I do not have video release forms for them.  Sorry!

What you will not see: TONS of classic "circling" questions.

What you will probably see: lots of comprehension checks, brain bursts (quick brain breaks), some routines and procedures, and a lot of language.  And one class clown.

Want to get better at asking stories? Martina Bex and I collaborated on this resource to help.  Watch this video and use one of the organizers referenced in the post.  This is a great way to start training yourself!

PART 1  For some reason, this preview is not functioning.  Use the button on the upper right hand of the screen to open it in a new window, or click here.  

PART 2 - click on the link or use the button in the upper right hand corner below to open in a new window.  Sorry!

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