Sunday, January 5, 2020

Upcoming: two amazing opportunities to grow as a comprehension based teacher.

So, this is a little bit of shameless self promotion. Forgive me.  This blog *is* my platform to share some great opportunities coming up.  

First, Martina Bex and I are doing our very first SOMOS (and Nous Sommes) training.  We have been very busy creating new materials and reflecting on how to best support teachers implementing SOMOS/Nous Sommes.  I have been moderating our collaborative Facebook group for a long time now, and there seem to be common questions and concerns.  Our goal is to try to help teachers understand why SOMOS/Nous Sommes is written the way that it is, and how to use the curriculum as a guide to create joyful connections in language class.  We are so excited to finally do this- it has been my dream for a LONG time!  We are going to have coaching, social time, and a fantastic day and evening of training and support.

Seriously, this is a big deal.  At least for me!  And then, there is Comprehensible Online.
The second opportunity upcoming is Comprehensible Online.  This is my third year presenting as part of this amazing conference, and I am so proud to be included.  The thing about this conference- well- there are so many things.  PD in your PJs?  YES!!!  A TON of presenters who are presenting on their areas of expertise and passion? That too.  The list of topics is breathtaking and vast.  I *know* that I will not have enough time to even watch a portion of these, and I also know that they will have an immediate impact on my teaching.  Also, you can watch them on a treadmill or exercise bike. BONUS!  

As a presenter, I try to go deep into a classroom practice and use live video of my students and I in the classroom to model and explain that practice.  For me, seeing actual teachers in their classroom is some of the most impactful training I can get.  

This year, I decided to dig deep into what differentiation looks like in my classroom.  Because we have to teach the kids that we have, not the kids we wish we had.  

Somehow, I feel like it has become a core part of my practice, so I decided to present on it.  I have two presentations this year. 

The first one, called Differentiation in the Moment, includes lots of footage of my classroom (grades 7 and 8, Spanish 1 honors, 2 Honors, and Spanish 1B) and presents a few strategies that I use to differentiate during story asking, classroom discussions, games, and whole group reading.  

My second presentation is also about differentiation, but more focused on input based tasks and activities that are pre-planned. 

I will be sharing templates and resources for participants to download and implement in their classroom.  I will also be talking about how I adapt some of the resources for elementary FLEX classes and how that has gone.

This one doesn't include classroom footage because, well, it was incredibly boring to watch the students work on things, but it does have a lot of content- so much that I had to cut out 10 minutes! 

If you sign up before Jan 15, you will get a $25.00 discount AND better pricing, and will help me recoup some of the 40+ hours spent making the video with the kids. Sheesh- it takes HOURS to edit!! Thanks! Use code ELICIA.     

Please consider joining me (and my dear colleagues) at one of these trainings. You will not be disappointed!   

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