Thursday, February 13, 2020

New Video: Raw and Uncut- Reading from a projected text with actors

This video was taken in early February with my Spanish 1 Honors class of 7th graders.  In it, we are reading a projected text (from SOMOS 1, Unit 5*) that students have encountered for the first time.  I am using a variety of student actors.  It gets a little (OK, a LOT) silly but it is a short text and was a great day.

The first thing you are going to see is some extensive small talk or chit chat.   I asked all the kids to ask each other how they were and then invited them to share about someone else. This might sound like forced output- but watch.  The question went something like "Joe, how is someone in the class?" Joe then responds "Keisha is fine." "Keisha, why are you fine?" and so on.  Notice how they answer the more complicated questions with a mix of English (L1) and Spanish  (L2)- and the world doesn't stop!  I just restate it in L2 and move on, and the conversation keeps going.

Then, after quite a while, I move into a write and discuss model- just a few sentences.

17:00 in is where the reading activity starts.

Download an observation sheet here if you would like an organized format for your observations! 

My apologies for not taking the time to subtitle it.

Click here if it does not play for you.

*This reading is a suggested assessment, but I do not use it as an assessment in my Honors class, just as a reading.

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  1. I love the wonderful conversation going on in this video! Thanks for sharing.