Saturday, January 9, 2021

ASSESSMENT: a new three-session course focused on learning to love assessments

 I am super excited to share this news! In February, I will be launching a new Teacher Lab series focused on assessment and grading.  This has been in the works for a LONG time but it has taken me a while to figure out how to fit the content into something that actually makes sense for teachers.  

I truly believe that the way we assess and grade students can help us become more equitable educators and I want to share the work that I have done with teachers.  I also believe that grading doesn't have to be the worst part of the job.  Did you know that for most teachers, grading is the #1 least-satisfactory part of their job?  It doesn't have to be!  It *is* something that we have to do, but we can at least take the agony out of it.  

Grading for Equity (Joe Feldman) is a book that I recommend to all teachers.

We will look at some research about language acquisition (how our brains acquire language) and consider the implications, take a deep dive into what traditional grades don't do well and why (and look at alternatives), and finally, dig into assessments can we give in comprehension based classes.  We will also look at how to grade so that our reporting is accurate, representative of what students *can* do, and resistant to bias.   WHEW! It's a lot for 4.5 hours.  

Plus, I get to stretch myself and see how to make some Zoom classes more interactive and collaborative.   

Click on the picture above or visit our page for more information.  I am also revisiting a couple of great workshops from 2020, including Teaching for Acquisition (90 minutes) and All About the Texts (60 minutes) in January.  Please join me!  

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