Tuesday, April 5, 2016

When they scream for a story...

Quick post between meetings because something REALLY COOL just happened:

Several of my Spanish 2 kids had to leave for a cross country meet.  Instead of introducing new subject matter to only half the class, I decided to do a review. Of something.  Um, what?  I had nothing planned.

They begged for a story.   I didn't have a script and I didn't really think I'm confident enough to just do a story.  Plus, we are working on preterite verbs and talking about the past, because I'm still learning how to not shelter grammar.

I'm new at this!

But what I could do was take a story from another class that I know really, really well and quickly put it in the past tense.

I put the past-tense structures on the board and went for it.  We ended up with a usual silly story (a friendly elephant, a shark, and the reasons you don't see leprechauns in Ireland any more) and another easy, fun 30 minutes of Spanish used naturally.  I don't even think they realized how much language we just used...And as a bonus, I got to work in some structures (indirect object pronouns, tener + que) that I've been meaning to review with them.

Good day.

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