Friday, April 20, 2018

More videos...because someone asked

Video part two, inspired by the request on the SOMOS facebook group.

Lesson: Somos Unit 100 (level 2), La Muchacha y La Ardilla
Class: 8th grade Honors/ Spanish 2

Here is a video of me introducing vocabulary, teaching gestures (well, sort of- the camera got pretty wonky), doing translation activities, and finally asking the story.

This lesson is protected under all relevant copyright protections.

Shared with permission.
If the video doesn't start playing when you press the arrow, try opening it in another window.  I am trying to troubleshoot this. Sorry!  


  1. This is fantastic!! Do you think this would work for high school? I am teaching Spanish next year.

  2. Hi, If you mean "Does TPRS work with high school?", the answer is a very loud YES! If you would like resources or information about trainings, drop me a line at elicia at desklessclassroom dot com or find me over in the SOMOS group on Facebook.

  3. I LOVE THIS! Yo aprendo mas cuando veo a otra maestra usando las estrategias! Me ayuda mucho!