Friday, January 10, 2020

Story asking! Video! Friday Afternoon!

So, you remember that Plan B class? They have made big improvements. HUGE, in fact. Not perfect. Far, far from it.  But...they have come a long way. 

So much that I asked a story in class today!!!  Since storyasking is one of my very favorite things to do in class, I was pretty joyful. Since it was the end of the day on a Friday, I was pretty exhausted.  

In fact, I asked the same story with two different sections of my Spanish 1B class of 8th graders.  

Level Up your Learning

 Use this form (and read the article while you are at it) to observe.  (This was a collaboration between Martina Bex and I.)  

Real talk

Please forgive any and all language mistakes- I am human.  And for a minute, I started to ask the story in past tense, then remembered mid-word what class I was in front of. 

Notes: The first THREE minutes are in English! Gasp! I was setting expectations.  That, to me, is a very good use of L1.   Also, for the first couple minutes or so of the actual story, the camera is on its own personal journey of discovery in my classroom.  It decided not to focus on me at all.  Skip to about minute 5 if you feel like you must, but the sound is pretty good in those first couple of minutes.  

You will see me mouth the words "pollo frito" a few times.  I am doing this because we established (ages ago) that when we say it, one kid leads us in his favorite dance. Thus, I use the magic of the fried chicken dance very carefully.  

At about 13:20, a kid starts to have a side conversation and I have to send them out of the room.  (They are going to work on a written assignment.) 

I also did this story with another class, but for now, here is one video. My apologies for not taking the time to add subtitles.  It's Friday night.

Click here if it won't start playing. 

This lesson is the Story asking part, day 2, of SOMOS 1, Unit 10.  Used with permission.  

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#StoriesConnect Tips
#1-Set expectations
#2 Managing Choral Responses
#3- Teaching how to make suggestions

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