Saturday, February 8, 2020

February Blues: Resources for Classroom Management

Lately, I have seen a lot of posts about classroom management, and the general feeling of classrooms falling apart. I know this week was rough as anything for me!  

So, I gathered up all my favorite resources about classroom management.
Remember- just because it feels like nothing works doesn't mean that's true. Take each day with a deep breath. Treat yourself with the same compassion that you treat your kids. Treat your kids with as much compassion as you can, and forgive yourself when it doesn't work out. This is a tough time of year for everybody who teaches in the western hemisphere.
With love, having survived another Friday in February, Elicia
To read:
How to respond to rude, disrespectful student attitudes:
When all my classroom management strategies weren't enough: Implementing Plan B
All of AnneMarie Chase's classroom management posts
Cecile Lainé's incredible reflection on a tough group
Why your best efforts might be failing

Jon Cowart's Classroom management book and class - I keep going back to this book over and over again. It is the only book I can think about that truly addresses management in a comprehension focused classroom. Jon has a wide variety of experience in different, primarily urban, settings, and offers so many important tools for management.

To watch (Fun Club episode!)

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